You cockadoodie!

What the hell happened to this world?

Building exterior in Toronto, Canada

Waving the white flag!

And it’s getting heavy. Unfortunately, when you are the one constantly waving the white flag while operating at the bottom of the management chain, “Below the Clouds”, you learn quickly that you are more likely to lose your job then to be taken seriously, be heard, and save anyone any hardship. It’s human nature to double-down on the things we believe! Especially when it comes to our own abilities. We “believe our own fan mail”, we are biased to think “everyone’s a slob”, and we clutch “best practice” like a purse full of fool’s gold!


Experience. The mother of all ranting.


Abortion, doctors, insurance, chronic illness, offer endless rant fodder.


Nothing brings out the ranting faster than being force fed the other guys faith.


The new slave owning class.

Book Burning

Actually, the book I’m burning to write.

Everything Else

The random rants.

An array of topics

From a life of deep observation.

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Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany

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